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Guitar Wiring Problems: 5 Things to Check Out Before You Spend Money on New Parts

photo by notsogoodphotography

I've got a few tips for you that will help you repair your guitar and probably also save some money. This is what you should check out when your guitar wiring doesn't work properly: 

Open your guitar's wiring cavity. Watch out on the body finish.

1. Switches

A (Gibson): If you have problems with a Gibson-style switch, try to look at it closer. Do you see that springy, thin pieces of metal. Try to carefully push them to the inside of the switch. Sometimes, after years of work, they are pushed out a little bit.

B: Use compressed air (or just blow) to get rid of dust inside the switch. You might be surprised what a little bit of dirt can do.

2. Connections, joints:

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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011


Enchantment market above 135cc sports ducks are now no longer dominated by Suzuki Satria F150 and Yamaha Jupiter MX. Because Monday (16 / 5), an Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS TVS Tormax release 150 in Jakarta. Get around the brand value and after sales service is not as strong as the above two Japanese manufacturers, TVS Tormax called 150 comes with a number of advantages over especially on price and specifications and feature advantages.
"The added value that we offer through Tormax is competitively priced, more feature complete, 

the technology and of course the appearance. This strategy should we do as a newcomer in the class sports ducks, "said Darmadi Tjuatja, Chief Operating Officer of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia is targeting to sell 1,000 units of this model is per month (Source: Otomotif.Kompas.com)
In performance data released on the third manufacturer, TVS Tormax was located above the two rivals. TVS engine with a capacity of 148.75 cc Tormax capable of burst output power up to 13-hp/8.000 rpm and 12.5 rpm Nm/5.500. This means that the volume of a cylinder capacity of the largest engine in its class, TVS Tormax 150 also has the power and torque output is higher than both his Japanese rivals are. Apiknya again obtained at a lower engine speed. That is for the state of "Stop and Go" on congestion or acceleration on the freeway, TVS Tormax 150 with 5-speed transmission system is able to outperform the responsivity of the two rivals.
TVS engine durability Tormax also reportedly has passed a series of endurance tests, including at the Sentul circuit for 70 hours in early May 2011 where the machine is turned on non-stop with a 1463 lap record lap or to 5,800 km. This note is called led MURI record for TVS Tormax. In a series of testing, the performance of TVS Tormax also known to penetrate the speed of 131 km / h, with a best lap time 2 minutes 22.143 seconds.
Not only skilled in performance, TVS Tormax also called quite efficient in consuming fuel at about 35 km / liter at a speed of 100 km / hour. Meanwhile, if dibesut at lower speeds around 40 km / liter. TVS party giving three-year warranty for the machine Tormax, even for a few specific components are guaranteed four years.As if not satisfied explore the advantages in the engine, the designers and technicians as well equip TVS Tormax with abundant features. Among these

3 valve

Dual Tone Muffler
digital speedometer

horizontal monoshock with canister

duralife engine 
  • Low Friction Roller Cam Follower + Universal tappet 

  • Low Friction -Piston Ring

  • Low Friction- Advance Lub circuit 

  • Liquid Cooled
with a top speed of recording features and acceleration 0-60 km / hour, until the feature "wearing a helmet warning" is unique. Dual Tone Muffler feature allows the rider to select the output sound output in the muffler. It's easy to simply change the direction switch is located on the handlebars.
While wearing a helmet features a warning will be active when the machine is turned on. Its function is to remind drivers and passengers to always use a helmet.
With a multitude of advantages such sophisticated, TVS Tormax was "only" given a sticker price of USD 14.9 million. Even in the event Otobursa tumplek Blek of the 12th held this weekend (21-22/5) in East Parakeet Bung Karno Stadium,
One - a record that may be a bit "disturbing", ie the engine compression ratio 1:11,3 (located above the two rivals), although the engine cooling system has also been applying the liquid cooled system like its two rivals Japang. The implication on paper, the user TVS Tormax ideally using a minimum of 95 octane fuel for optimum engine performance and avoid the potential of knocking (ngelitik). But given the product its positioning as a sports ducks, real users do not TVS Tormax using Premium fuel type.

Stratocaster Double Tone Control Mod

This is a simple Stratocaster and Fat Strat wiring modification, that changes the tone control capabilities. With this mod you will have much wider palette of tones to choose from by using the tone knobs.

All modification process is based on changing the tone caps, the tone pots and their connections.

OK, so how it works?
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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Apache bracket HR4 Kappa K46

The first replacement of spark plugs with iridium spark plugs and spark plug 0-resistantcop got TDR, setting the pilot jet and main jet has also been brubah, then no additionalbox and bracket HR4 Kappa K46 ori by GIVI let klo pas carry goods make pegel ng gngrepotin shoulders must bear the burden of a backpack. the addition of LED eye shadow sein ma position changes to the house lights dusk just recently I applied and seemed to need more care because the LED on the eye shadow g naek strong currents that bear down from the current spool because I took from the current source for lightsdusk

The following few sightings TVS Apache RTR 160 mounts I

Motocross -- A Motorcycle Sport

Motocross is not a sport to "play with". Motocross (often shortened to MX or MotoX) is a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. Motocross is a motorcycle racing sport featuring either dirt tracks or artificial courses. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British Scrambling competitions. Motocross is distinct from other forms of motor sport in having a mass start, where all the riders line up alongside each other, starting simultaneously and racing the race distance, with the first rider across the finish line the winner. Motocross tracks are often quite large (around 1 to 2 miles) and incorporate natural terrain features with varying amounts of man made jumps and other features. Motocross matches can include a combination of these laps, which are then combined to give the riders a cumulative score for the event.


Motocross also began to grow in popularity in the United States during this period, which fueled an explosive growth in the sport. Motocross bikes are constructed with special designs for equipment such as pedals these are built to fold, which reduces the possibility of damage in a fall. Motocross is a rich and diverse sport, featuring highly skilled riders on the pro circuit, riding machines that have been tuned to the highest performance standards possible.


Unusually for racing machines, motocross bikes can be purchased in a ready-to-race or nearly ready-to-race condition at moderate prices from major motorcycle manufacturers. The latest craze is adult racing on miniature (50cc-125cc) motorcycles called mini bikes or Pit-Bikes. People began "hopping up" the bikes and racing them against each other. Pit-bike racing has taken a turn towards mini-moto (Supermoto) also, usually racing on go-kart and tight, small vehicle tracks. The bikes are fitted with special road racing tires and are "grooved" to grip both the pavement and dirt. At this same time other professional riders were having custom chassis built by JP Racing and Lauger racing.

Motocross can be an entry sport for motor sports in general. Motocross racing is one of the most visually appealing forms of motor sports, with riders performing seemingly death-defying leaps, turns visibly at the edge of traction (as indicated by a sliding, spinning rear tire "roosting" dirt at all behind it), and the effort of riders clearly visible as they move their bodies around their motorcycles to balance the bikes for maximum speed. Motocross was first known as a British off-road event called Scrambles, which were themselves an evolution of Trials events popular in northern Britain. Motocross also began to grow in popularity in the United States during this period, which fueled an explosive growth in the sport. Motocross racers now get their heart rate up to around 180 to 190 beats per minute and hold it there for about 35 minutes. Motocross has evolved from races in the early days to spectacular freestyle events where riders perform their best and craziest tricks for all to see.

Off Road V8 Buggies

How do I name it, this is the first question that will rise in anybody's mind watching these monster tuff truck of Adrenalin Australia. Have you ever watched a 300 kg beast flying in air above your head? No right, this is your chance to watch such a big tuff truck in action. The 4 x 4 metal body tuff truck which can travel at a speed of a V8 super car is always a thrill to be part of. Adrenalin offers you with the chance of driving such a monster tuff truck. These trucks are part of the off road racing challenge event that is run across various parts of Australia.

To drive a tuff truck all you have to do is log onto the Adrenalin Australia's website and search for off road racing and there are various options for you to choose from. The Avalon Racing circuit offers you with the chance of driving a V8 buggy in Melbourne, there are also many tuff truck racing tracks in Sydney and Adelaide. The best part of driving a tuff truck is driving it in the toughest conditions. The rock hurdle tuff truck racing is the toughest of them all. They fill the race track with big rocks and you are asked to drive above those rocks jumping and sliding across the surface filled with red sand. This is one ride which you will never forget in your life time. The rock racing is made for professionals to drive whereas at Adrenalin you are offered to drive your buggies around the sandy and dirty race tracks and give yourself a chance to get lost in the midst of the dirt.

There are various other races which you can enjoy driving and riding but none would be as thrilling and as fascinating as the tuff truck racing. A race weekend would be the right choice for spending your holidays watching others get dirty and give yourself the chance to tasting the feel of the red sand on you.

Tuff truck racing at Adrenalin Avalon racing track at Melbourne will cost you a mere $290 where you will be allowed to drive a series of practice laps and then get yourself dirty in the fast 8 lap racing. The race circuit for tuff truck is not as long as the V8 supercars or NASCAR racing. These are custom made race circuits which are built with red sand which runs through a distance of 2 km or 3 km in a small area with a zigzag structure. The sharp curves makes driving a tuff truck really difficult. One advise is that you need not drive to enjoy the thrill of tuff truck racing before that enjoy watching others drive the tuff truck in the racing weekends and get a feel of how the race is being driven and how the maneuvers are made. Then when you get to know about the tuff truck racing then it is your chance to grab the steering of the buggies.

Up for a Challenge? Try the Boilermaker 15 K Road race

Are you a runner? Want a challenge? How about running in the largest 15K road race in the U.S? Then try the Boilermaker 15K Road Race in Utica, New York.

The Boilermaker 15K Road Race was started in 1976 by Earle Reed. He was looking for a way to return thanks to the community for having supported his business, Utica Companies (ECR International, formerly Utica Boilers)

The race began with 800 runners and a budget of $750. Now in its 33rd year, the Boilermaker is the largest 15K in the Nation with almost 13,000 runners and with a budget many times that amount.

For five years consecutively, the Boilermaker 15K Road Race has been named the largest 15K in the nation. Each year, the race attracts top elite runners from around the world.

The Analytic Distance Runner has ranked the Boilermaker as the most competitive 15K in the world. The race has been ranked number one for four consecutive years.

It happpens every year for the last 33 years on July 11th. The community of Utica, New York is very supportive of its race and thousands show up to cheer the runners on and many volunteer and have been for many years.

The race course is through the streets of Utica, New York and has a combination of flat, mderate and steep terrain to challenge the best of runners.

The 33rd annual Boilermaker Road Race celebrated one of its finest years to date. A record number of runners signed up for this years race, with over 13,000 for the 15K race and over 2,600 for the 5K race. Both numbers were up from last years race with nearly 1000 more runners competing in the 15K and somewhere around 55 more for the 5K.

Weather conditions were ideal for the top elite runners, as the top male runners were faster than last years 15K winner.

So are you up for the challenge? It'll be a good one.